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Now, I present you a jersey, jersey details are often recalled: Standard fit.Breathable fabric for maximized dry comfort. Great freedom of movement. Technology for optimal evacuation of perspiration. 100% polyester V-neck with ribbed ribs Climacool technology for optimal regulation of perspiration. Badge of the team from the chest. Mesh inserts under the armpits The jersey pays homage to the unity of the country in a traditional style and celebrates pride. Belgium flag in neck and nape. If you are interested in this jersey, you can click the picture. Then, I present you this jersey of inspiration: Inspired by the famous three-colored flag in Belgium, the new “jersey in three colors” consists of red, black and yellow, symbol of “European Red Devils”. The red is still the main colors of the jersey, the upper part of the big black block in the block, And joined the vibrant yellow decoration, Adidas victory famous three stripes of the family position moved to the side of the body. The new design brings a refreshing feeling, while the field players are more aggressive.

The new European jersey of the Belgian European Outdoor Cup is inspired by the tribute made by the Belgian cycling team to the most popular and successful bike in Belgium.

The new color jersey is dominated by the sky blue and the front by the black, yellow and red, the color of the national flag is the classic style of the Belgian national team and the Belgian team hopes to achieve the same result as the cycling team on the football field. Success

Adidas symbolic three-band victory for the first time does not appear in the sleeves, eye-catching three black bands appear on the side of the body. Details, the new jersey has a light and comfortable round neck, collar after the yellow-black collar inlaid with a small Belgian flag.

The new jersey uses the latest innovations from Adidas, including ClimaCool technology and the new cell design to ensure that players have the most advanced equipment in the field of technical support.

The new shorts on the outside are black. Socks blue socks have a black decoration, socks also incorporated into the English words “Belgium (Belgium)”. If you are a belgian football team fan, you are a football fan in front of the TV, You can enter our shop: jersey, we offer many football products, such as Belgium jersey, football tracksuit Belgium, especially, my jerseys are cheap, superior quality. Of course, if you want to buy offeciel, you can enter the other sites, like site: Footcenter, but the price is a bit expensive. I believe that you are a fan in front of the TV, you have no need to buy official jerseys, buy a cheap jersey can as well.

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