Discover the Home Team Hersey at Euro 2016

Nike has unveiled the dress that will be worn by our national team at the next Euro 2016 and which takes place on our floor. Until then and even since 2011 that the swoosh brand team the French Football Team, we had rather spoiled, the (to me) more beautiful blue jersey and collar “Mao”, yes the one with which Sakho has It has been illustrated twice in the return leg against the Ukraine, at the sailor or through the very pale blue.

For his home jersey, our Varane, Matuidi, Martial and other friends will proudly wear the Vapor jersey Blue Cobalt and its blue gradients when for games outside, we can count on a jersey blue, white red, whose gradient appears from one end to the other of the shirt including the sleeves. For the technical side, the development of this new match dress started with a new type of thread. Nike’s design team has tested hundreds of threads before finding the one offering the best breathability. The result is a sweat-wicking outfit 20% faster than the latest Nike football gear, and dries 25% faster.

In detail, the home shirt of the French Football Team for EURO 2016 is cobalt blue with a variant of dark blue at the sleeves. The torso is embellished with a unique mesh design, consisting of angular and geometric shapes, which reinforce this area of ​​the body and offer players a real protection and a powerful and conquering look.

The shorts are also cobalt blue and have a black line on each side. This line on the short is connected to the shirt for more ventilation and also reveals a touch of red when the shorts are moving. The new socks are red and printed with a cobalt blue linear graphic at the back of the calf. They use the Hyperstrong technology which integrates in a very comfortable and light way the shin guard.


“I really feel that every new shirt has a little detail that changes. Always more comfortable and always lighter especially! On the field we almost forget that we have the shirt on the back, it’s like a second skin in which we feel very quickly very well “says Blaise Matuidi in a statement.

The jersey has a V-neck with a black border in the neck, a new gray metallic badge of the French Football Federation, applied on the chest, and the name and number of the player in the back. The word “France” is sewn on the back edge of the shirt collar, and “Blue Pride” inside the sleeves to represent the pride and passion of the country for this team.

On the back of the FFF crest, inside the jersey, a hexagon representing France is drawn, composed of a series of structures that overlap and connect to symbolize the diverse and multicultural constitution of modern France. The hexagon is also surrounded by the unifying message “Our differences unite us”.

On both sides of the shirt is a dark line from the sleeve to the hem. Once the player moves, this line widens to provide more ventilation and reveals a red colored fabric.

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